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Someone We Barely Knew Just Had One Of The Most Tragic Deaths In Star Wars History
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for
"Andor" Episode 8
As Kino approached the end of his prison sentence in Episode 8 of "Andor," he showed how even the toughest and most experienced figures can be intimidated by the Empire's weight by the tantalizing promise of freedom. On the grueling production line in Episode 9, the warning signs appear of his declining health as he struggles to keep up with his shift mates.
Ulaf's condition rapidly worsens until he cannot stand and clutches his hands and displays signs of memory loss and confusion, which Cassian seems to only notice due to how slow they are going. In fear of how the merciless guards will react to such an unforgivable infraction, the workers cover for their older fellow inmate for as long as possible,
so close to his "release."
Cassian soon learns that the Empire hasn’t been releasing any prisoners, and instead they are simply "eliminated" when they are no longer of use. As if the tragedy of Ulaf dying so close to his first glimpse of the outside world wasn't bad enough, that the end of his sentence was apparently a lie all along, only twists the knife in even more.