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Some of the Greatest Actors of All Time Turned Down Jurassic Park
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford was approached to play Dr. Alan Grant, but Ford ultimately passed on the role. Ford cracked a joke about how Steven Spielberg "only hires [him] for Indiana Jones," to which Spielberg immediately rebuffed and confessed he had offered the role of Dr. Alan Grant to Ford first.
Kurt Russell
Kurt Russell was considered for the role of Dr. Alan Grant, but the consideration was short-lived since Universal was unwilling to match his salary demands. The exact amount has never been made public, but Russell was paid $7 million for "Stargate," which was more than his $2 million asking price.
Richard Dreyfuss
The character of Dr. Alan Grant was also considered for Richard Dreyfuss. Dreyfuss was one of the final two actors considered for the role of Dr. Alan Grant before it was eventually given to Sam Neill, and he supposedly lost out because he was too expensive.
William Hurt
William Hurt had been the early favorite to play Dr. Alan Grant, and it was his ultimate rejection of the project that pushed Sam Neill into the role. Hurt admitted to politely declining the part without reading the script and choosing to star in the Anthony Minghella-directed romantic comedy "Mr. Wonderful" instead.