American actor Janet Leigh screams in the shower in the famous scene from the film, 'Psycho,' directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 1960. (Photo by Paramount Pictures/Courtesy of Getty Images)
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Small Mistakes That Almost Ruined Horror Masterpieces
CGI mask
While the "Halloween" mask is the piece of iconography that holds the entire franchise together, within the franchise the masks have been a problem. The mask had to be fixed for the second installment due to wear and tear and the entirely computer-generated mask in "Halloween H20" is one of the worst gaffes in the series’ history.
Leaked Script
The 'killer reveal' at the end of "Scream 2" is a bit hammy due to a script leak that ruined the original ending. Kevin Williamson had initially planned to include Sydney’s boyfriend Derek and roommate Hallie as the third and fourth killers in the ending, but stuck with Mickey and Mrs. Loomis — a reveal that reeked of last-minute changes.
Malfunctioning shark
Steven Spielberg had planned to film "Jaws" with mechanical sharks, which frequently malfunctioned and delayed production. That's why, he refined the script to keep the shark as obscured as possible while still keeping the tension high (like in the terrifying opening scene), creating what he described as a “less-you-see-the-more-you-get thriller.”
bad original ending
The theatrical ending to "Get Out" is a welcome relief for audiences, but Jordan Peele’s original ending was far more horrific with Chris being arrested and prosecuted. Producer Sean McKittrick described “the air being sucked out of the room” during a test run of the original ending, which was thankfully modified by Peele.
silent shower scene
"Psycho" is a masterpiece, thanks in part, to its classic scene featuring Marion Crane’s iconic shower death. However, Alfred Hitchcock had originally planned to leave the scene silent, but composer Bernard Hermann composed a score just in case Hitchcock changed his mind — a near mistake that could've cost the scene its enduring legacy.