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Shrinking Didn't Think They Had A Chance Of Actually Landing Harrison Ford
Before 2023, veteran actor Harrison Ford mainly stayed away from TV roles, save for one episode of "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" in 1993. However, Ford has surprised everyone by joining two big streaming shows: Paramount's Western drama "1923" and the Apple TV+ show "Shrinking," a series that lets the actor showcase his comedic chops.
Ford has a reputation for being a notorious grouch, so his joining the project shocked co-creators Brett Goldstein and Bill Lawrence. The duo wanted a Harrison Ford-type actor for the role of Dr. Rhodes but didn't think he would be interested. Ultimately, it seems Goldstein sealed the deal by visiting Ford during filming for "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny" in London.
While it may be odd for someone of Ford's caliber to join "Shrinking," the actor may have wanted to try something new. Goldstein shared, "I suddenly get a missed call, 'Hey, it's Harrison Ford.' I was like, 'What the f*** is happening?' I went to his apartment to discuss it. And the discussion was very, very quick because he wanted to do it. I thought I'd be there to convince him."