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Shows Like Reign You Definitely Need To See
The Tudors
"The Tudors" follows King Henry VIII, the egocentric monarch known for his six marriages and instigating the English Reformation to marry Ann Boleyn, whom he eventually sentenced to death. It may be fuzzy on some historical details, but the series effectively captures the excesses of an era rich in scandal and seduction and boasts an impressive cast.
The White Queen
"The White Queen" is set against the backdrop of the Wars of the Roses (1455-1487), the 32-year conflict that effectively placed the House of Tudor on the English throne. It follows Elizabeth Woodville as she vies for power, explores the rumor that Woodville and her mother were witches, and depicts the heartbreaking mystery of the princes in the Tower.
The Borgias
Rodrigo Borgia — who eventually became Pope Alexander VI — and his family committed many crimes to ensure his ascension to the papacy, and "The Borgias" tells a fictionalized version of the same story. Set during the Italian Renaissance, the period piece explores the sex, violence, and scheming associated with one of history's most notorious families.
Vanity Fair
While "Reign" tells a historical story through the lens of contemporary drama, "Vanity Fair" attempts to deconstruct traditional Victorian adaptations with the trappings of modern satire. Olivia Cooke plays the fascinating Becky Sharpe with a modern comedic flair and gives glimpses of her shrewd turn as Queen Alicent Hightower from "House of the Dragon" here.
"Bridgerton" is a progressive retelling of the Regency era period and plays fast and loose with historical accuracy. It's remarkably sex-positive, tackles feminist issues like patriarchal norms and incel culture, depicts a racially diverse London that casts characters of color in positions of power and prominence, and is one of the most-watched shows on Netflix.