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Shows Like How I Met Your Mother Comedy Fans Should Check Out
Arrested Development
The running gags — the slap bet, the playbook, the interventions — keep "How I Met Your Mother" fans on their toes, ready for any callback or self-referential Easter egg. "Arrested Development" is the same in the sense that it's jam-packed with running jokes like Tobias' never-nude, G.O.B.'s "Magic!" tricks, Bluth family banners, and "Boyfights" videos.
MacLaren and the titular bar on "Cheers" have something in common: They're both big-city downstairs pubs where anyone, regardless of their strata, can feel comfortable sipping a brew. However, while the gang in MacLaren's is chasing their dreams, the Cheers crew is reflecting on their
lost opportunities.
While "HIMYM" employs non-linear storytelling, "Community" sticks with linear storytelling, but both shows try to veer off the beaten path. In both cases, it works because the shows have strong character ensembles that colorfully represent familiar archetypes and actors who are game for whatever the writers come up with.
The Dick Van Dyke Show
The apartment is a treasure trove of memory for "HIMYM" fans; it's where the slap bet is made, the pineapple incident happens, and Marshall and Ted duel for its fate. The same can be said for the apartment on "The Dick Van Dyke Show"; it's as significant a part of the lives of characters as 4C is to the lives of the gang.
Don't Trust the B---- in ...
Barney pushes Ted into unfamiliar territory in dating, career, and overall life experience; Krysten Ritter's Chloe does the same in "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23," as she helps June break free of her anxiety. She isn't the only equivalent of Barney on the show, though, as it also features James Van Der Beek as himself, adding to the fun.