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She-Hulk Shows The Negative Impact Of The Black Panther Ending
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains minor spoilers for Episode 8 of "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law."
Episode 8 of "She-Hulk" brings everything that is great about the show together in one lean, mean, green package. There is a lot of funny banter, the return of Daredevil and his awesome hallway fights, legal elements, steamy hot romance, and plenty of great Easter eggs that make the show feel both important and part of a lived-in MCU full of consequences.
In the episode, Jon Bass' billionaire tech idiot, Todd, bought what he considered a very cool artifact at an auction: a genuine Wakandan war spear — for which he paid "a millie." The problem? That spear was very much stolen by colonizers, but Todd thinks it should be fine because "I got the receipts."
So, it appears the first people to try and go to Wakanda after they opened their borders weren’t refugees from neighboring countries or Black people from around the world who would love to see an African utopia. Instead, it was rich white imbeciles who exoticize the powerful kingdom for their Instagram and to buy stolen artifacts — exactly the outcome Killmonger warned everyone about.