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She-Hulk Finally Fulfills The Promise Of That Iron Man Post Credits Scene
This episode contains spoilers for Season 1 Episode 6 of "She-Hulk: Attorney At Law."
In the first "Iron Man'' post-credits scene Nick Fury revealed that there was a bigger universe of superheroes out there, but Fury’s words had up until this point only produced heroes that would join Avengers and the villains that would fight them. Now, "She-Hulk'' is finally showing the bigger picture Fury had mentioned by inhabiting its world with small-scale side characters with superpowers.
What really makes the show unique is its introduction of smaller people with powers, like Titania or Mr. Immortal. "She-Hulk" is making its world, and therefore the MCU, feel larger by showing us that there are more super-powered individuals than just the Avengers and their villains. Iron Man was not the first superhero, we just haven't seen the rest of the superpowered until now.
"She-Hulk" takes that idea a step further by showing the legal troubles and shenanigans that people with powers get into, like Mr. Immortal's commitment issues. This makes the world of "She-Hulk" feel bigger and more like the comics, where thousands of people with superpowers just go about their day, most of whom we don't really see in the big stories.