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She-Hulk Finally Addresses A Long-Unanswered Question In The MCU
This episode contains spoilers for Season 1 Episode 5 of "She-Hulk: Attorney At Law."
We may be familiar with how some of the Avengers have gotten their superhero suits, but what about other, smaller heroes in the MCU? The Disney+ series “She-Hulk” has finally answered the question that most MCU fans have pondered, where do superheroes go when they need to buy a super suit?
During the fifth episode, Pug and Nikki venture off from the main plot line to find a person to design clothing for She-Hulk. The lawyer duo eventually find renowned super suit maker Griffin Matthews played by Luke Jacobson.
The show reveals that Luke has been working on a new Daredevil suit for Matt Murdock. No further confirmations have been made about what other superheroes Luke has created costumes for over the years, hopefully, we'll get even more details on Luke's work as "She-Hulk" continues.