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Shadow and Bone's Love Triangle Becomes A Love Quadrangle In Season 2
Things are getting more complicated in the Grishaverse with the Sun Summoner getting involved in a love quadrangle in Season 2 of Netflix's "Shadow and Bone." The newest season will be adapting a significant portion of "Siege and Storm," the second novel in the "Shadow and Bone" trilogy, which sets the stage for a brand new love interest: Nikolai Lantsov.
From a narrative perspective, Nikolai, the Prince of Ravka, functions as a sort of foil to the Darkling, as he plays an instrumental role in undermining his authority and unexpectedly helping the protagonists. According to co-showrunner Daegan Fryklind, the duality of Nikolai’s intrigue and danger allows the character to root itself authentically in the Grishaverse.
Moreover, when it comes to Alina, Nikolai has his heart in the right place, making the prospect of their romance all the more interesting. Loyalty is rare in a world spliced in two by the Shadow Fold, but Nikolai is loyal to his crew and wishes to do right by opposing the Darkling's malicious stronghold.
Although Alina is no longer enamored by the Darkling's allure, she can't evade his toxic presence. On the other end of the toxicity spectrum lies Mal, as Alina's identity as a perceived Saint and Mal's core idea of who she is create a strong conflict. With Mal, Kirigan, and Nikolai involved in Alina's path to destroying the Fold, things could not be more interesting.