Jeri Ryan aka Seven of Nine (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/WireImage)
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Seven of Nine's Star Trek Costume Was Even Less Comfortable Than It Looked
On "Star Trek: Voyager,” Jeri Ryan played Seven of Nine, a Borg who wore a sexy, but incredibly uncomfortable neck-to-toe catsuit with a corset stitched inside it. The actress told The BBC that she couldn’t bend or properly sit in it, and because it took 20 minutes for someone to help her get into it, she didn’t drink anything or take bathroom breaks while shooting the first season.
Admitting that doing that was “[...] not the healthiest thing to do," Ryan explained that “as [the seasons went on], I finally learned [...] to take breaks when you need to take breaks. And finally, it got to the point where they would just let me get out of it after every take.” Despite her issues with the costume, Ryan didn’t have a problem with her character.
Ryan said, “[...] The overt sexiness of the costume I had no problem with [...] because of the way the character was written [...] She's a brilliant character, she was strong, she was a wonderful role model for young women.” However, she did admit that if she had been allowed to keep the costume, she would’ve “[...] loved to have burned it; not so much the catsuit as the corset.”