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Seth Rogen Didn't Give Bill Hader A Choice About Signing On To Superbad
The teen coming-of-age comedy "Superbad" was released in 2007, featuring one of the greatest fake ID stories ever committed to film. It also starts an adventure that involves police officers Michaels (Seth Rogen) and Slater (Bill Hader), and according to a cast interview, Bill Hader didn't have any choice about playing Slater, at the insistence of Seth Rogen.
Rogen knew that he wanted to work with Hader because they had "the same understanding of timing and tone and rhythm, we love all the same movies. We just hit it off right away," he said in the interview. Further explaining, Hader said, "I met with Judd Apatow. I remember he didn't ask if I would play it. He said, 'You're gonna play this.'"
To prepare for the roles of the officers, Rogen and Hader went on a ride-along in South Los Angeles that Rogen called "truly one of the most terrifying experiences of my life because of the cop.” He further explained, "Everything we do in the movie was within the capabilities of how this guy we went on a ride-along with would potentially act."