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Sequels That Ignored The Previous Movie's Ending
Evil Dead II
Sam Raimi's initial idea for the sequel to "The Evil Dead" involved time travel, but the producer suggested he stay closer to the first film. Since Raimi didn't have the right to use any footage from the original movie to tie the two together, he essentially remade the first film with a different cast, leaving fans uncertain if "Evil Dead II" is a sequel or a remake.
The Descent Part 2
In "The Descent Part 2," Sarah escapes the cave with no memory of what happened — even though she hallucinated Juno at the end of "The Descent" — and returns to the caves. It makes little sense continuity-wise and overlooks the psychological damage Sarah experienced in the original film.
Scary Movie 2
One of the most beloved "Scary Movie" characters is Brenda Meeks, played by Regina King, who gets killed multiple times throughout the franchise due to her hilariously annoying traits. Despite Meeks' death in the first and third films, the second and fourth movies bring her back, making canonical inconsistencies a welcomed element in the story.
Highlander II
The first "Highlander" film ends with no immortals left, and Connor MacLeod settles down to start a family. However, "Highlander II: The Quickening" undermines the premise by bringing Ramirez back to life as an immortal and revealing that immortals are actually aliens, thereby negating the Scottish origin of the characters.
Species II
In "Species," a dangerous alien-slash-human hybrid named Sil wants to take over the planet but is ultimately defeated, and the film ends with a rat chewing her corpse, then mutating and devouring other rats. However, "Species II" doesn't answer what happened to the rats and focuses on a male alien trying to impregnate human women.