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Sean Connery Initially Thought Entrapment Had Too Many Special Effects
Sean Connery starred alongside Catherine Zeta-Jones in 1999’s “Entrapment,” a heist thriller that shared similarities to a 007 film. One of the movie’s biggest draws was the 40-year age gap romance between Connery and Zeta-Jones’ characters — something the veteran actor was aware of and wanted to emphasize over the more thrilling stunts.
Connery downplayed the action elements in a promotional interview, saying, “We talk about special effects in film. In actual fact that was one of the problems in the initial film, there was too much of that sort of stuff in it. And one wanted to get closer to the relationship of a kind of older guy with a young modern woman. So we got away from that and got to this.”
The film's final cut seemed to strike a balance between action and romance, but critics still found “Entrapment” underwhelming. The film may have suffered from trying to distance itself too far from its action elements to avoid being a close resemblance to the James Bond franchise, since Connery seemed keen on focusing on the romantic aspects.