374961 05: Sean Connery and Kevin Costner share a brief moment during "The Lexus Challenge Golf Tournamnet" in aid of Charity in La Quinta, CA, December 19, 1998. (Photo by DAN CALLISTER Online USA Inc.)
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Sean Connery Helped Kevin Costner 'Survive' Acting Opposite Robert De Niro
After landing the role of Elliot Ness in 1987’s "The Untouchables," Kevin Costner had the unenviable task of going up against Robert De Niro's blazing-hot energy as Al Capone. Even though both actors only appeared together in two scenes, that didn't stop Costner from being a little apprehensive about acting with such an unpredictable actor like De Niro.
During a conversation with Entertainment Weekly for the film's 30th anniversary, Costner said, "I was trying to survive with my straight-arrow language against someone who was throwing a level of street language at me that had a level of improv to it. So it was hard for me to survive in some of those scenes, and Sean talked to me a little bit about it."
The bond with Connery, in particular, "was very real" according to Costner, with Connery also crediting the amazing dynamic he had with Costner and the rest of the team, including Charles Martin Smith and Andy Garcia. As Connery told EW, "All the actors were very experienced and professional. Everybody played an important element in the film."