Sean Astin at a campaign stop for Democratic presidential hopeful New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton  at White River State Park on May 03, 2008 in Indianapolis, Indiana . (Photo by Joey Foley/FilmMagic)
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Sean Astin Had A Rude Awakening After Filming On The Goonies Had Wrapped
The thrilling storybook adventure come to life, “The Goonies,” sees a group of kids searching for a legendary pirate’s hidden treasure to save their homes from foreclosure. In his feature film debut, Sean Astin leads the group of young actors as Mikey, where Astin soon learned of the perks associated with working in Hollywood and being an actor.
Astin explained, “[A]t the Warner Bros. lot [...] they’d roll down the window and the guard would look at us and say ‘Hey Sean.’ He knew my name [...] outside they’d have these dressing rooms, like miniature houses, and there was one with my name on it.” The young actor was excited to be the lead in the large-scale project, but he had a rude awakening after realizing it didn’t change much of his off-screen life.
At his school, St. Paul the Apostle in West Los Angeles, Astin found that his new stardom didn’t affect his classmates when he returned for his eighth-grade year and ran for student body president. The young actor didn’t make the runoff for the presidential election, commenting, “So as popular as you were being in a Steven Spielberg movie, it didn’t mean anything when you got back.”