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Scrubs' Move To ABC Put It Under Disney Scrutiny
NBC was done with “Scrubs” for good in the shortened Season 7, but luckily, ABC picked it up for Season 8. Most casual viewers wouldn't even notice a difference between NBC "Scrubs" and ABC "Scrubs," but there was one fundamental change.
The running gag, where Todd (Robert Maschio) proudly wears nothing but a very revealing banana hammock, tried Disney’s patience, and subsequently, didn’t make it into the final season of the show. As Zach Braff sums it up sadly, "Rob's banana hammock is not Disney-approved."
It's hard to know what to think of ABC — the network may have saved "Scrubs," but it also denied viewers the full view of Todd that the writers intended. It's just nice to know that "Scrubs" got to end its run on its own terms, even if it wasn't on the network where it started.