NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 06: Jenna Ortega attends Paramount's "Scream VI" World Premiere at AMC Lincoln Square Theater on March 06, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/WireImage)
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Scream 6:
6 Terrifying Moments (And 6 That Were Hilarious)
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for “Scream VI.”
“Scream VI” features a running joke about Chad trying to give the Woodsboro massacre survivors — himself, Tara, Sam, and Mindy — a nickname, much to everyone’s annoyance: the “core four.” This moniker becomes a chant for the group, and though it’s corny, the “core four” phrase will likely stick with the audience long after the movie.
The film opens with Laura on the phone, walking down a dark alley to find her date who is lost. The voice on the phone quickly changes, letting viewers know it’s too late for Laura as she is gutted by Ghostface, who’s revealed to be Jason, an acquaintance of Tara, and who slips away as if nothing happened in an all-too-real feeling scene.
During the altercation between Chad and a frat boy named Frankie, who is trying to take Tara up to his bedroom for “a bottle of Fireball,” Sam arrives and says, “I’m just gonna tase you in the balls real quick” before zapping Frankie’s crotch. Although this scene’s unnecessary, it beautifully captures the film’s dark humor.
After Ghostface brazenly attacks Tara and Sam on the street, the sisters are chased into a bodega, where the serial killer starts mercilessly ripping apart the shoppers in his way. What follows is an intense scene of Tara and Sam trying to remain silent and escape while Ghostface tiptoes through each aisle with a shotgun, inching ever closer.
One of the most unexpected treats in “Scream VI” is the romance between Tara and Chad, but their first special moment is ruined when roommate Quinn bursts through the door. After Quinn asks, “Did I just c***block you?” Tara responded, “What did you just say?” This so-awkward-it’s-funny scene provides the film with some much-needed levity.