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Sci-Fi Movies That Made The Cast Do Gross Things
To fully immerse himself in the character, Damon had to film many scenes in a garbage dump filled with fecal matter. Director Neil Blomkamp said that the set "smelled like a sewage processing plant," and while it sounds like a disgusting environment to film in, it helped to root the story in realism.
Living Dead
"Night of the Living Dead" features some of the best makeup work in cinematic history, but the "blood and guts" in the film were disgusting to create and the extras who played the zombies had to chew on animal intestines and bones. In a commentary track, co-writer John Russo said that it "just stunned us that they chomped into these organs."
Suicide Squad
Jared Leto's behavior on the set of “Suicide Squad” became notorious as he redefined method acting by giving his co-stars "presents" that included a live rat, a dead pig, as well as condoms, and pornographic magazines. It was definitely overkill, especially considering that the Joker is barely in the film.
Star Wars
In "Star Wars: A New Hope," Luke (Mark Hamill) is served a glass of blue milk by his aunt, which according to Hamill was a "warm, oily, sickly-sweet milk dyed blue [that] was gag-inducing." As a young actor trying to make it in the industry, Hamill said that he "gulped it and acted like I liked it without vomiting."
Batman Returns
In “Batman Returns” Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman had to put a live bird in her mouth. Although she was able to film the scene in one take, Pfeiffer admitted that Burton "liked to torture me a little bit.” Ultimately, Pfeiffer’s commitment to the role explains why she remains the definitive screen version of Catwoman.