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Sci-Fi Movies That Made Audiences Walk Out
A Clockwork Orange
Stanley Kubrick's 1971 masterpiece "A Clockwork Orange" generated immense controversy and was released with an "X" rating from the MPAA. A deeply disturbing film about institutional failure to curb youth violence, “A Clockwork Orange” involves elements of graphic violence, rape, and pure depravity, shocking audiences to the point of walking out.
Southland Tales
Although a great cult classic with themes of corporate dominance, worship of celebrity culture, and the disparity between political parties, Richard Kelly’s “Southland Tales” received a disastrous response at its Cannes debut. Some audiences left the theater because they were disappointed, but the film remains politically relevant and ahead of its time.
Disappointment isn’t the only reason audiences walk out of a movie. “Cloverfield” was released at a time when found footage movies weren’t that common, and despite its box office success, the shaky nature of the found footage filmmaking technique caused some audiences to experience motion sickness, leading to walkouts.
Ridley Scott's 1979 masterpiece "Alien" remains one of the most important sci-fi movies of all time, though not without its share of controversy. The "Alien" creative team recalled how some audience members became nauseous, and others had to leave the theater because of the film’s violent content, specifically the famous “chestburster” scene.
Under the Skin
Telling the story of a woman whose body is inhabited by an alien that lures men to their deaths,"Under the Skin" is Johnathan Glazer’s most baffling project to date. Despite being hailed by critics as one of the best films of the 20th century, the film was a box office disaster, with many people walking out after being bored by the film’s methodical pacing.