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Sci-Fi Love Scenes People Still Can’t Get Over
“Earth Girls are Easy”
Of all the ‘80s sex comedies, none are more delightfully unhinged than Julien Temple’s “Earth Girls are Easy.” In a movie full of chaos, no scene is as iconic or fascinating as the intimate moment between Valerie and her alien crush, Mac. The scene blends sexy and campy with its rainbow-infused cinematography and on-the-nose dialogue.
“The Shape Of Water”
As strange as it may sound, the love scene between Amphibian Man and this movie’s leading lady, Elsa, is a beautiful examination of intimacy. Throughout the movie Del Toro carefully establishes how important touch is to their relationship, culminating in a gentle and intimate connection between the adorably
odd couple.
“Strange Days”
Kathryn Bigelow’s underappreciated sci-fi film “Strange Days” explores a new piece of tech known as the SQUID which allows users to relive the memories of others. With its mix of handheld camera techniques and intense close-ups, the film lets viewers witness the intimate ways people use SQUID and the highs and lows of sexual intimacy.
On its surface, the intimacy between Jim and Aurora in “Passengers” seems like a vanilla exploration of intimacy amidst sleek futuristic furniture and an intergalactic adventure. However, the romance quickly turns into horror when audiences learn that Jim prematurely awoke Aurora from hibernation against her will to fill his own lonely void.
While at first Ron Howard's "Cocoon," seems like a typical rom-com between Jack and Kitty, things escalate when Jack learns that Kitty is an alien. When Kitty shows Jack how her species expresses intimacy, the results are a cross between a laser light show and an anime power sequence, which might not be sexy but is certainly original.