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Sci-Fi Heroes That Could've Beaten Thanos
Robby the Robot
"Forbidden Planet’s” Robby the Robot was pretty groundbreaking due to his personality and intelligence — something that would make him a natural fit for the Avengers. This would also make him a great competition for Thanos who prides himself on his pragmatism but is still vulnerable to emotions.
The Jedi Order from the "Star Wars" franchise is surely a team that could defeat Thanos — after all, they’re led by the wise Grand Master Yoda. Not only did he serve as their leader for hundreds of years, but he also trained some of the greatest Jedi Knights and learned a lot about the galaxy through so many years of experience.
If the Avengers were able to pull together and defeat Thanos, there’s no reason why the Justice League can’t. However, if we have to single out one member of the League, that would have to be Christopher Reeve’s Superman, who’s not only great at battling super villains like General Zod but has the one winning quality that Thanos doesn’t: compassion.
Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon is one of the most iconic sci-fi heroes of all time, what with being at the peak of his physical abilities, a football star for the New York Jets, and even an expert pilot. We think that Sam J. Jones’ Flash in the 1980 film would be the perfect competition for Thanos — after all, he defeated the wicked dictator, Ming the Merciless (who is as powerful as Thanos).
Snake Plissken
Thanos is initially able to take advantage of the Avengers’ compassion, leading to his initial win in “Infinity War.” However, if you’re looking for a hero who would make the necessary decisions to put the mission first (without any soft corners), the grim and non-nonsense Snake Plissken is the perfect guy to stand up to Thanos.