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Saw Gerrera’s Best Scene in Andor Episode 11 Foreshadows his Paranoia in Rogue One
While Saw Gerrera plays a minor role in "Andor" leading up to his appearance in "Rogue One," a standout scene from the character in episode 11 engages both the context of the character in the series so far and also lends credence to the character's paranoid nature in "Rogue One." The tense and well-written scene occurs between Luthen Rael and Gerrera.
When Rael visits Gerrera to prevent him from aiding a fellow rebel advance after receiving word from his Imperial mole, we see a shift in Gerrera's character as the soldier realizes Luthen would go to great lengths to protect himself, the rebellion, and his secrets. The soldier then angrily questions everything Luthen has told him.
Luthen, on the other hand, gleefully plays into Saw's insecurities, who is now unsure if there are moles within his own cell of soldiers. This intensely acted and cleverly written scene not only highlights the supporting characters of "Andor," but also justifies Gerrera’s distrusting and paranoid nature in "Rogue One."
Often a timeline as extensive as "Star Wars" can easily fall prey to being uninteresting, given that most fans already know what direction the overarching story is heading depending on the story's place in the timeline. "Andor," however, avoids these pitfalls expertly, and plays into the stories that came before it to build its atmosphere and tone.