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Sam Raimi Had Two Requests For Evil Dead Rise Director Lee Cronin
Sam Raimi’s 1981 low-budget cult classic “The Evil Dead” and the franchise it spawned are favorites among horror fans and remain excellent examples of how to make dirt-cheap films look and feel exciting. Lee Cronin has taken the helm for the next entry in the series, “Evil Dead Rises,” though Rami, the movie’s executive producer, has made two requests for the upcoming film.
In Raimi’s words, Cronin was to “make sure there’s a book involved, and make sure there are good Deadites.” The troubles in the three “Evil Dead” movies all stem from the dark magic brought from the Necronomicon, an evil tome bound in human flesh and inked in blood, which summons the demonic monsters that can possess living or dead humans, known as the Deadites.
Cronin shared that he kept good on his promise, saying, “What I love about the ‘Evil Dead’ is that these aren’t just mindless zombies. They talk [and] taunt. [...] There’s more Deadite dialogue than ever before.” The new film will also feature the Necronomicon and the franchise’s signature excessive blood, but “Evil Dead Rises” will be the first set in a major urban city.