Actor Ryan Reynolds attends the 'Green Lantern' Germany Premiere
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Ryan Reynolds Knows Why Green Lantern Was A Box Office Bomb
The 2011 “Green Lantern” film bombed at the box office, which star Ryan Reynolds attributes to the studio putting more into the special effects than the story.
Reynolds stated, "There was just too many people spending too much money” and claimed that the writers and director never stopped to reevaluate the characterization.
As Reynolds described, the crew’s mindset was “'Let's just keep spending our way through this.'” However, money couldn’t make up for an incohesive plot.
Warner Bros. also replaced the original creative team, who would go on to make more superhero films, with a writer from “Harry Potter” and a director from “James Bond.”
Thanks to all these changes and the crew’s excessive spending, “Green Lantern” grossed only $220 million when its budget was over $200 million.
Estimations say that Warner Bros. lost about $75 million on the film, as there were also many expensive promotions associated with the movie.