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Ryan Reynolds Faced A Deadpool Ultimatum Going Into X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Ryan Reynolds’s relation to the Deadpool character didn’t start out well, because of the poorly received "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." The "X-Men" version, along with the 2016 "Deadpool" film, might not have happened as his casting as Wade Wilson was one that came by a strict ultimatum.
In an interview with the LA Times centered on Reynolds' path to the "Deadpool" films, the actor spoke about how "X-Men Origins" was sold to him as an introduction to Wade Wilson with a potential spin-off in the future. A spin-off film for Deadpool wasn't guaranteed‌, and all Reynolds knew was that when it came to playing the character, it was now or never.
Reynolds elaborated, "At that point, I was under the impression that it was 'either play Deadpool in this iteration or someone else will.' So, of course, I signed on." The path to where Reynolds is now with the highly anticipated "Deadpool 3" may have been difficult, but it was definitely worth the growing pains of "X-Men Origins."