ROME, ITALY - OCTOBER 16: Director Russell Crowe attends the photocall for "Poker Face" during the 17th Rome Film Festival at Auditorium Parco Della Musica on October 16, 2022 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Daniele Venturelli/WireImage)
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Russell Crowe's
13 Best Movies Ranked
13. Romper Stomper
Russell Crowe is terrifying as Hando, an insecure brute who's taken aback by the growth in diversity in his community. There's no attempt to humanize Hando, and "Romper Stomper" is often difficult to watch because of how effective Crowe is at playing the white nationalist.
12. Boy Erased
As a respected car dealer and Baptist preacher who sends his gay son Jared to conversion therapy, Crowe adds dimensions to a character that may initially appear to be one-note. He gives a thoughtful performance that never takes Jared's suffering for granted or feels as if it's endorsing bigotry.
11. The Insider
Crowe earned his first Academy Award nomination for best actor for his turn as whistleblower Dr. Jeffrey Wigand in Michael Mann's anxiety-inducing conspiracy thriller "The Insider." For the part, Crowe sheds his typically confident persona, turning in a performance that plays up the character's neuroses and antisocial tendencies.
10. Body of Lies
Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio make a memorable buddy duo in Ridley Scott's espionage thriller "Body of Lies." Crowe plays CIA chief Ed Hoffman, who guides field officer Roger Ferris (DiCaprio) as the latter embarks on a dangerous mission to infiltrate a terrorist sect
in Jordan.
9. State of Play
Crowe plays journalist Cal McCaffrey, who grows fascinated with the suspicious death of a Congressman's young mistress. Crowe embodies the curiosity of a career reporter driven to pursue justice, even if he fears his impact will be minimal, and delivers a performance that also shows the human side of the austere character.