ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA - MAY 26: Tony Gilroy attends the studio showcase panel at Star Wars Celebration for “Andor” in Anaheim, California on May 26, 2022. The new original series from Lucasfilm launches exclusively on Disney+ August 31. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)
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Rogue One Prepared Tony Gilroy To Follow Obscure Star Wars Rules In Andor
By breaking the “rules,” showrunner Tony Gilroy and his creative team have enhanced the storytelling in “Andor,” while also making it possible for a wider variety of “Star Wars” stories to be told in the future. All of this is vital to Gilroy and his team's effort to ground the series' fantastical universe in realism, as Gilroy did when he co-wrote “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”
Although Gilroy sees himself as an outsider to “Star Wars,” his lack of reverence for its traditions has benefited both “Rogue One” and “Andor.” However, he said about the constraints he had to stick to: “It started on ‘Rogue.’ There are so many rules, ‘Oh, you can't have paper; you can't have wheels. You can't have knives.’ You can't have all these different things.”
Gilroy also shared, “I only know this five-year period. There are five years that I curated, my five years. I got that down, but I would fail the S.A.T. on a lot of the rest.” Luckily for Gilroy, he's surrounded by people who know their “Star Wars” trivia inside and out, such as author and Lucasfilm head creative executive Pablo Hidalgo, to help him stay within the canon.