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Ritu Arya Borrowed A Trick From Angelina Jolie To Prep For The Umbrella Academy
Ritu Arya knew that playing the thrill-seeking assassin Lila Pitts in “The Umbrella Academy” would require a unique approach as the actress described her character as “unhinged, playful, [and] unpredictable.” While preparing for the role, Arya took different approaches to the character and borrowed a “ballsy” technique used by Angelina Jolie in “Girl, Interrupted” whose character is similar to Lila.
Arya said, “I also heard this thing that Angelina Jolie did when she was doing 'Girl, Interrupted' [...] that she put porn around her trailer. I did that. Not because I think of Lila being as much highly sexualized, but more that it felt like quite a ballsy thing to do and kind of bold.” This approach helped the actress be as fearless as her character, though it didn't help her make friends with the crew.
“The costume dressers would come in and they didn't ever say anything about it. They just thought I was a massive perv," said the actress. Although Jolie also alienated people on the set of "Girl, Interrupted" and took it further when she gave her co-star Winona Ryder the cold shoulder, Arya prefers to build friendships with her co-stars despite playing an antagonist.