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Ridley Scott's Problem With Superhero Movies Comes Down To The Scripts
Directors like Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, and David Croneberg have not shied away from voicing their disdain for superhero movies. Now, Ridley Scott has jumped on the bandwagon, and apparently thinks that superhero movies are “f****** boring as s***.”
Scott proposes that his own movies like “Alien,” “Gladiator,” and “Blade Runner” qualify as “great scripted superhero movies.” While not superhero movies in a literal sense, one could see them as such, considering that these films have ordinary mortals who pull off heroic feats.
Sure, one could say that most superhero films just blur into one without any features that necessarily make one movie stand out from the rest. However, these directors could have used different words instead of disrespecting the work of co-directors — work that has actually brought happiness to billions.
What this does show is a generation gap. Younger directors like Kevin Smith think that blockbusters like “Star Wars” and “Jaws” set the trend for franchises, which shifted focus away from auteur films that these older directors respected and even made. Perhaps, this explains their disregard for all-consuming superhero franchises.