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Rick & Morty Season 6 Finally Answers A 7-Year-Old Question
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for
"Rick and Morty" Season 6
“Rick and Morty” delivers many hilarious standalone episodes, but the show drops bits of lore and callbacks to previous events every once in a while. Season 6 begins with one of the best callbacks the show has done for some time when Rick resets the multidimensional fluid, thus resetting every interdimensional traveler.
The reset applies to Rick and Morty, but it also affects Jerry because of the events in the Season 2 episode, “Mortynight Run.” Rick and Morty leaves a stowaway Jerry at the Jerry daycare, Jerryboree, but when the duo comes back to retrieve him, an accidental loss of their claim ticket causes Rick to choose a Jerry randomly.
The Season 6 premiere, “Solaricks,” answers the question fans may have forgotten: Did Rick choose the right Jerry? No, he didn’t. When the characters return to their original dimension, Jerry is sent to a Season 2 universe, but he is a much stronger character than he was earlier and tells his family to suck his interdimensional a**.