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Reservation Dogs Directors Follow One Key Rule While Making The Show
According to "Reservation Dogs'' writer, director, and executive producer Tazbah Chavez, the series follows a single golden rule when crafting the series, and that’s to do whatever will best serve the story. The show finds universal truths in its specific viewpoints which helps viewers empathize with characters that American pop culture has all too often ignored.
The FX series is appropriately cinematic, with each episode unique, both in tone and visual language. The creative differences between episodes is stronger in Season 2 than in Season 1, and the flexibility in filming styles allows characters to shine.
Each episode follows one or two main perspectives, using their way of looking at the world as a focal point for viewers as well. The show often uses hand-held cameras to allow for more intimate storytelling, but more than anything, the directors rely on their instincts to know which direction style to use.