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Remembering Worf's Lines Could Apparently Be A Struggle For Star Trek's Michael Dorn
Between seven seasons of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and four seasons of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" — not to mention five feature films, and an upcoming season of "Star Trek: Picard" — actor Michael Dorn has appeared onscreen in more "Trek"-related projects than any other actor. However, when it came to memorizing lines, Dorn had some struggles.
In a recent appearance at Fanboy Expo in Knoxville, Tennessee, Armin Shimerman said that he and Dorn became very close friends over their four seasons working together, and he admired that the writers on the show were able to do so much with Worf. Shimerman also, with apologies to Dorn, said that his co-star struggled a lot with memorizing dialogue.
Shimerman, who played Quark on “Deep Space Nine,” said, “What Michael has done with Worf is truly phenomenal. And it's a great credit to him and to others that wrote Worf for what they've done. I love Michael, however, Michael, God bless him, has a problem memorizing lines."
The following statement sounds a little bit like Shimerman might be exaggerating, but his meaning is clear: Shimerman had long since wanted to move on by the time Dorn nailed a scene. "Sometimes," Shimerman said, "by the time we got to the 25th take, Michael had the lines right but I was done with that scene."