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Reese Witherspoon Was 'Hoodwinked' Into Singing
For Walk
The Line
Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Reese Witherspoon certainly knew that portraying a member of country music royalty was a big job. However, she was far less confident about singing June Carter's famous songs, which she had not initially agreed to do.
Two weeks after signing the contracts, the young actress discovered the director had a hidden plan to get her to do just that. In a 2005 appearance
on “The Conan O’Brien Show”, Witherspoon said she was “hoodwinked” after the director asked her to record all of Carter’s tracks.
Despite her initial fears, Witherspoon stuck it out and, along with co-star Joaquin Phoenix, took six months of voice lessons. After those lessons, both actors' voices had progressed enough to successfully appear in the film and the official soundtrack.