American actress Joan Crawford (1904 - 1977) rests on a sofa
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Ranking The 18 Best Joan Crawford Movies
18. Possessed
In the 1931 film "Possessed," Joan Crawford delivers a mesmerizing performance as Marian, a factory worker yearning for a more sophisticated life.
At a brief 76 minutes, the film feels hurried, yet the twists in the plot and the undeniable chemistry between Crawford and Clark Gable make it an engaging watch.
17. Dancing Lady
In "Dancing Lady," Crawford shines as Janie, a passionate dancer, and it's a pleasure to see her underutilized dancing skills take center stage.
The film offers a delightful mix of pre-Code entertainment, including the legendary Fred Astaire's on-screen debut, as well as appearances by The Three Stooges and Franchot Tone.
16. Grand Hotel
In the star-studded 1932 film "Grand Hotel," Crawford captivates as Flaemmchen, a stenographer who is caught in a love triangle and is struggling to make ends meet.
Crawford's portrayal of unrequited love and resilience stands out in this unique film, which won the Best Picture Academy Award (despite receiving no other Oscar nominations).
15. Strait-Jacket
"Strait-Jacket" showcases Crawford's incredible acting range as she portrays Lucy Harbin, a complex character returning to society after a 20-year stay in an asylum.
Crawford's enthralling performance, combined with the film's shocking twists and director William Castle's skillful storytelling, makes it a compelling horror experience.
14. A Woman's Face
"A Woman's Face" stars Crawford as Anna Holm, a woman with facial scarring navigating a life of crime while confronting societal
beauty standards.
Despite the film's melodramatic and implausible elements, Crawford's subtle emotional moments and her chemistry with Conrad Veidt make it a compelling watch.