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Ranking The 15 Best Cartoons Of The '90s
15. Darkwing Duck
Unlike many Disney Afternoon shows, “Darkwing Duck” could imagine creative storylines and extended-universe characters without any worry of tarnishing established Disney icons.
This ‘90s standout is exciting, funny, and just plain cool. Drake Mallard returned for the 2017 “DuckTales” reboot, albeit as an actor playing Darkwing rather than as a real hero.
14. Dexter's Laboratory
Dexter wants to conduct serious science experiments, but his sister Dee Dee just wants to have fun. Their colliding personalities made a very memorable sibling rivalry in the ‘90s.
Those with pesky siblings empathize with Dexter's frustration with Dee Dee, which led to his signature phrase screamed at playgrounds in the ‘90s: “Get out of my la-BOR-a-TORY!”
13. Spider-Man
The ‘90s “Spider-Man” cartoon beautifully adapts the character's comic-book origins with a classic good-guy/bad-guy aesthetic in a kitschy, yet somehow genuinely enthralling way.
Its portrayal of Peter Parker as an aspiring photographer who happens to be your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man laid a foundation for Sam Raimi's live-action Spider-Man films.
12. The Powerpuff Girls
The clashing styles of the three superpowered sisters in “The Powerpuff Girls” complement one another in battle and naturally allow viewers to choose a favorite from the group.
The show has zany, cartoony sound effects, action-packed, heroic storylines, and a chic, mid-century art style that evokes a vintage quality absent in many other '90s cartoons.
11. Doug
“Doug” is inherently appealing because its main character is instantly relatable, and it's refreshingly grounded for a ‘90s cartoon since most of them typically lean on fiction.
The show contains some fantasy, but Doug Funnie's dilemmas are ones that many kids face on a daily basis, capturing the highs and lows of adolescence with ease and humor.