Sylvester Stallone attends the Paramount+ UK Launch in London, England.
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Ranking The 14 Best Sylvester Stallone Movies Of All Time
14. Over The Top
With a bored performance from Stallone and almost sickly-sweet sentimentalism, this ‘80s film is still enjoyable, thanks to Stallone engaging in arm-wrestling competitions.
13. Tango And Cash
“Tango and Cash” is a fairly typical buddy cop movie in which Stallone plays Ray Tango, a lieutenant whose by-the-book style contrasts Cash's barroom brawler shtick.
Stallone and Kurt Russell have a decent dynamic together, and the film features meta-humor about Stallone’s other roles, including one officer shouting, "He thinks he's Rambo!"
12. Escape Plan
This 2013 film was the first time Stallone and Schwarzenegger starred as leads together. The plot involving a sea prison escape isn't extraordinary, but it is a fun watch.
11. Creed
In “Creed,” Stallone reprises his Rocky role as a trainer for a younger fighter, a choice that was probably necessary, as Stallone was nearly 70 years old.
His vulnerability in the film, along with his stoic persona, makes for a good watch and reminds viewers of his knack for the rougher roles.
10. Cliff-Hanger
“Cliffhanger” was an incredibly successful and incredibly violent Stallone film that brings back nostalgia for when action films ruled over the box office.
Though originally intended to be even more violent before being censored, the film still features some truly brutal moments that Stallone fans will love.