Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
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Ranking Every Live-Action Movie Wolverine Has Appeared In
10. X-Men Origins
“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” made the mistake of revealing too much about Wolverine’s origin, and many events in the movie have since been retconned or ignored.
9. X-Men: Apocalypse
Almost entirely battle scenes, this film is fun but forgettable. One upside is that we finally got to see Wolverine wear his helmet from the comics.
8. X3: The Last Stand
“X3” packed too many storylines into one film, which led to pacing issues. The best thing it has to offer is setting up the emotional core of "The Wolverine."
7. The Wolverine
While this movie features a strong storyline, the climactic battle feels impersonal as the villain spends the entire final battle in a giant CGI cyborg suit.
6. X2: X-Men United
This movie acts as a good follow-up to the previous “X-Men” movie and allows many actors to shine, but it failed to set up a good launching point for “X3.”