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Randall Park Completely Forgot About His Bit Part On The Office
In the final season of “The Office,” Randall Park made a brief appearance as Steve aka “Asian Jim” where he pranked Dwight by pretending to be the real Jim Halpert. In a 2020 interview, Park revealed that when “The Office” fans would approach him and call him “Asian Jim,” he initially had no idea what they were referring to.
Park admitted that after he had done his appearance on “The Office,” he “just kind of completely forgot about it” until fans called him that in public several years later. He added, “I'm walking down the street, and this car drives by and a guy yells "Asian Jim" and drives off. And I'm thinking, "Is this some racist thing that I don't know about?" [...] I thought it was a hate crime.”
Park assumes that he forgot about “Asian Jim” as he was “in and out [of filming] in an hour” and his character’s name, although only briefly mentioned once in the episode, was Steve. However, he now acknowledges the character and enjoys how fans make edited clips of his “Office” character to post on social media with the hashtag #JimmyWoo, his character in the MCU.