Raised By Wolves Reminded Ridley Scott Why He's Not A Writer
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HBO canceling "Raised by Wolves" after two seasons was disappointing for fans, since the show tackled dense topics within the structure of a tense, thought-provoking drama about humans and androids. In fact, Aaron Guzikowski's script was so good that Ridley Scott himself was convinced that he had to come on board and direct the pilot episode.
While “Raised by Wolves” is definitely the result of collaboration between Scott and Guzikowski, the show reminded Scott that writing a compelling script is infinitely more laborious and demanding than directing. Scott even said that writing should be left to the experts, like Guzikowski, calling Guzikowski “the master builder” and himself “the house painter.”
Guzikowski absolutely deserves that praise, because "Raised by Wolves" presented an extremely ambitious sci-fi premise. With that, fans are left to wonder if it could have blossomed into something even more complex and interesting if the series had been allowed to continue.