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Raised By Wolves Relied On An Old-School Trick To Never Film At Night
Even on Hollywood sets, filming at night can be tricky, resulting in poorly-lit scenes with dull and uninteresting color palettes. Ridley Scott, however, is one director who has mastered visually compelling scenes that are still dark and desaturated, and to make this happen in his new series "Raised by Wolves," the show's crew used a rather old-school technique.
In the silent film era, scenes shot during the day were tinted blue to give them the appearance of nighttime, but later filmmakers simply lowered the exposure on their cameras. The famous opening of "Jaws" is one example of this trick; it was actually shot during the day, and "Raised by Wolves" cinematographer Dariusz Wolski took note.
Wolski explains that “you can only see so much” when filming at night, and "those mountains [near where we filmed] were so spectacular". Luckily, the show's sci-fi setting — the exoplanet Keppler-22b — has two moons and three suns, giving the crew artistic license to make the "Raise by Wolves" night scenes more "twilightish," as Wolski says.