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Raised By Wolves' Android Costumes Weren't Exactly Comfortable
In the now-canceled “Raised by Wolves,” Amanda Collin and Abubakar Salim’s android characters, Mother and Father, wore gray unitards to cover their robot bodies. While the actors acknowledged that the costumes fit the gloomy circumstances that the show was trying to convey, they also admitted in an interview that they were very uncomfortable to wear.
The first uncomfortable aspect of the bodysuits was that they didn’t allow for temperature control. Salim explained, “Honestly, it's one of those suits where when it's cold, it's freezing. When it's hot, you're cooking. There's no right temperature, except when you're inside. I used to love studio days. Those were the best."
The second uncomfortable aspect was that the only zipper was in the back of the costume, so it was a bit of an ordeal whenever they had to go to the bathroom. While Salim questioned why the costumes didn’t have a zipper in the front, Collin pointed out, “Imagine how many people that it would require to paint that zip away in a very uncomfortable area."