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R-Rated MCU Scenes We Never Got To See In The Original Cut
A Naughty Video
In “Thor Ragnarok,” a deleted scene depicts the Grandmaster having, for lack of a better term, tentacle sex. While riding on a ship stolen from the Grandmaster's fleet, Thor clicks through the ships recordings of holographic videos and finds footage of the Grandmaster passionately fondling two tentacles.
The Holes
When Sony re-released “Spider-Man: No Way Home” as the “More Fun Stuff” edition, fans got to hear a suggestive punchline. Andrew Garfield’s Peter is fascinated by the organic webs Tobey Maguire’s Peter can produce and keeps asking questions about them. Awestruck, he quietly says, “I want to see the holes.”
A Graphic Threat
In one of the film’s extras for “Avengers: Infinity War,” Nebula sends the rest of the Guardians an urgent message about Gamora with some suggestive dialogue. Nebula concludes her correspondence by saying, "Tell Quill not to lose my sister a second time, or I will sew his face to his genitals.”
A Wild Night
A deleted scene from the first “Iron Man” shows Tony throwing a party in Dubai and telling two women in bikinis, “I'm picking a number between one and five.” They choose three, to which he replies, “Exactly.” He walks away with his arms around them, suggesting they're about to have a threesome, and they go into a bedroom.
A Suggestive Statue
Ego constructs a “memorial to the war on Xandar” in a deleted moment from “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.” The statue’s questionable visuals include Drax as a monkey-like creature on Quill's shoulder, Rocket or Groot as a cloud-shaped figure hovering over Quill's lap, and Gamora grabbing Quill's hip while stroking his inner thigh.