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Quiz: The Weirdest Superhero Movie Tie-In Promotions
While most people aren't avid followers of the specialized merch that accompanies new theatrical releases, most of us have collected at least a small handful of movie tie-ins over the years. Some are quite memorable, but see how much you know about the superhero movie tie-ins that have been thankfully forgotten.
The "Spider-Man 3" Dark Whopper was just so pitifully half-hearted, as it was nothing more than a regular Whopper with cracked black pepper cheese and black pepper ketchup. The meal was meant to bring to mind the black symbiote Spidey suit, but it ended up being nothing more than a regular burger with a kick.
If you happened to be in the right place at the right time in 2008 or 2009 (including, allegedly, New York Comic Con or Columbus, Ohio), you may have been randomly handed a bright blue prophylactic in honor of Dr. Manhattan's memorable member. The packaging apparently featured the series' signature blood-stained smiley face button on the front, with the cheeky slogan "We're society's only protection" on the inside.
The existence of a Hydra Force Sundae at Baskin Robbins feels like a tremendous miscalculation on someone's part, as Hydra is Marvel's catch-all villain group that worked side by side with Nazis. You'd think some comic fan would have said, “Hey, maybe don't rebrand what looks like a tasty chocolate sundae with the title of a terrorist organization!”
Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” altered Superman’s anti-violence stance a bit, but the film also made the surprising choice to team up with an organization that isn't exactly known for peaceful resolution: the U.S. military. Warner Brothers collaborated with the U.S. Army National Guard to intentionally make recruitment materials featuring footage from the movie, with the promos directed by Snyder himself.
Dubbed the “Calzony,” (we’re not sure where the “Y” comes from either), this unholy cross between a pizza and a calzone went for just $7.99. However, there is something compelling about this axe-shaped enigma, perhaps due to the sheer ambition of thinking the ultra-bleak “The Batman” needed a pizza tie-in at all.