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Quinta Brunson Gets Her Revenge for Kimmel's 'Dumb Comedy Bit' During Her Emmy Speech
On September 12th, "Abbott Elementary" creator, writer, and star Quinta Brunson became the second Black woman in 74 years of Emmy history to take home an award for Best Comedy Writing. Dominating in seven Emmy categories, the team behind "Abbott" walked away with three joyous wins — one of which was unfortunately marred by a comedy bit that went on way too long.
During the awards telecast, Will Arnett dragged an overserved Jimmy Kimmel onstage to present the award that Quinta would moments later accept but the bit quickly careened into irritating territory when Brunson took the stage and Kimmel stayed put. However, Brunson got her revenge for stolen stage time by crashing Kimmel's Wednesday late night monologue.
Brunson took the opportunity to give a full acceptance speech, and later during her sit-down interview with the host, Kimmel took a moment to apologize for his "dumb comedy bit," which Brunson very graciously accepted.

To watch the video of Brunson’s revenge on Kimmel click the “Read Full Story” link below: