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Quentin Tarantino Did Endless Takes To Keep An Old-School Condom Trick In Kill Bill
In “Kill Bill,” director Quentin Tarantino tried to use director Chang Cheh’s old school condom trick to simulate blood spraying up from the slit throat of an assassin, but it took some perseverance. Tarantino told the El Rey Network, “You take a Chinese condom and you fill it full of the phony blood [...] the actor just squeezes the Chinese condom and the blood explodes.”
Tarantino recalled, "Every time we did it the blood went down. We kept doing it again and doing it again. Take 22, Take 23. I swear it was as if Chang Cheh came to me and he said, 'Quentin hang in there, it's going to happen [...] Do it six more times, see what happens.' And then like you know maybe the fifth time or so then it finally did it the right way." The shot took 34 takes.
Chang Cheh directed the 1970 kung fu movie “Vengeance,” which inspired Tarantino’s choice to use practical effects instead of digital ones. Tarantino's perfectionism might have cost him a lot of time on set, but it's ultimately why he's been able to maintain such a consistent and distinctive style in his films.