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Prey Made An Innovation To The Predator Costume
The newest entry in the “Predator” franchise, “Prey” brings the alien hunter into new locations, facing off with a tight-knit group of Indigenous peoples 300 years ago. Recently, director Dan Trachtenberg walked fans through some of the alterations made to the impressively practical Predator costume.
Each “Predator” movie has the crew hard at work improving and innovating the trophy-hunting alien’s suit, with actor Dane DiLiegro stepping into the outfit for "Prey." Trachtenberg revealed insight into what makes this costume one of the most fascinating designs of the franchise, revealing, “There are two versions of the face.”
He explained, “There was a stunt version that didn’t have any motion, that was a little bit, just a hair safer for Dane to function. And there was another version that was just heavier on Dane because it had all the animatronics in it.” Trachtenberg also said that they “brought in some alien goop” to help the alien look more “violent and gross.”