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Playing James Bond Didn't Do Any Favors
For Pierce Brosnan's Body
During his decade-long stint as James Bond, Pierce Brosnan’s body was put through the ringer. In an Esquire retrospective, the actor reminisced about his “unforgiving” time as 007 and how “[y]ou run, you run, you run in these movies. And you jump, and you fall, and you fight, and you do it all again the next day.”
In “GoldenEye’s” third act — which takes place on a satellite dish in Cuba — Brosnan and his co-star Sean Bean “came away twisted, broken, and in pieces after this sequence.” Brosnan’s worst accident on the film happened when he smashed a stuntman into a wall, and the stuntman’s helmet gave Brosnan a deep cut.
After receiving stitches, Brosnan had to continue shooting “GoldenEye” from one angle for several days. He also had to work through an injury during filming of “Die Another Day,” as he didn’t warm up properly following knee surgery, and blew out his meniscus while sprinting.