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Playing A Character On The Wire Was A Study In Paranoia
On one hand, when characters started disappearing, Clarke Peters (detective Lester Freamon) said in an interview that his “paranoia kicked in” and made him wonder if he was next. The opposite could also be true for actors like Isiah Whitlock Jr. (Senator Clay Davis) who ended up dealing with the Barksdale crew until the final season even though he was only supposed to appear for a few episodes in Season 1.
Some actors would look for hints in the script like Andrew Royo (Bubbles) who stated, “if too much of your story is being told. 'Oh s***, they're building it up. I'm gonna go.'” The showrunners would not give warnings about impending casting shakeups, as actor Larry Gilliard Jr. (D'Angelo Barksdale) found out he was leaving the cast the day he got the script for the episode.