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Pirates of the Caribbean's Writer Had a Different Star in Mind For Jack Sparrow
It is hard to imagine "Pirates of the Caribbean" without Johnny Depp's performance as the wily Captain Jack Sparrow. However, it turns out that the screenwriter, Stuart Beattie, had someone else in mind while writing Sparrow’s character. "I initially wrote the character with Hugh Jackman in mind [...] hence the name Captain 'Jack' Sparrow," Stuart revealed.
Although he wrote Jack Sparrow with fellow Aussie Jackman in mind, the studio rejected the idea because they didn't consider him a big enough star at that point. Jackman only made his debut a few years earlier in "Erskineville Kings," but found himself in the frame for Wolverine in "X-Men," eventually winning the role after Dougray Scott pulled out.
Jim Carrey was also among those rumored for Sparrow’s part, but he chose "Bruce Almighty" instead. Matthew McConaughey and Cary Elwes found themselves on the list too. Even the British comedian Rik Mayall, who made his name playing outrageously anarchic characters in shows like "The Young Ones" and "Bottom," was a rumored candidate.